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Welcome to the Team "I Will" apparel store! We have completely redesigned our look as we celebrate 5 years of Team "I Will", and we are excited to offer running and triathlon apparel for both men and women heading into the 2019 season. Please see Fit Guide for additional information or email if you have any questions regarding the apparel.

Free shipping applies in Canada on all orders over $175 CAD.

**No refunds will be provided by Team "I Will" items that do not fit properly.

Men's Cycling Jersey

Men's Cycling Jersey


This is the ultimate value jersey, with high end features throughout. Jersey is constructed of 100% microfiber weave polyester, which gives a very soft hand feel and excellent wicking qualities, to keep you functioning at high levels. Side panels are made of a mesh weave, for better cooling. The fit is tapered in the sleeves for a snug fit through the arms and shoulders, with silicon at the waist to keep the jersey from moving - while still not binding or constricting. It fits like a second skin.

Throw in a full zip in the front, and 3 rear pockets to meet all of your storage and carrying needs. Extended sleeve length, with aero sleeves made with spray injected silicon to grip without excessive pressure.

Fit - The Jersey is a relaxed athletic cut. Size fits with slight compression

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